Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Candy from strangers

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Today was a long day. Bubs is still recovering from his strep throat, and I myself am recovering from his strep throat as well (and I have an ear infection to boot!). We are having some serious serious issues with getting bubs to take the medicine. He is usually pretty cooperative. He told me that it 'tastes really bad'. I called the doc and they were nice enough to change his rx from a liquid to a chewable but unfortunately for all of us, those are equally as unpalatable to bubs. I have resorted to plain old forcing him to take it, which totally kills me. My heart aches for parents who have to give their children serious meds on a daily basis. I feel bad even complaining about this. It just makes me so uncomfortable and it happens three times a day for the next week. Ugh.
We did manage to go trick or treating. Bubs seemed to enjoy it and he wore his costume for the entire time. Last year he took off his elmo getup after the first house and he just went as a 'three year old boy'. His candy bag had ripped and basically I just felt as though we were begging random strangers for candy. This year I came prepared with two bags, I was ready, and I dressed up as well. I was a plus sized witch. I got the costume at walmart. It was black stretchy velvet with spider web lace sleeves. A lot like some of the getups I used to wear 'clubbing' back in the day. All I was missing was the combat boots and some cure songs. I was somewhat shocked at some of the costumes the tweenie girls had on. A lot of french maids and prisoners with fishnet stockings. Good god, my parents would never have let me out of the house in that, some of them weren't more than 11 years old. At any rate, bubs seemed into the whole deal. He would get a piece of candy from each house, inspect it and eat it on the way to the next house. He gave the rejects to my husband, who was more than willing to accept them.
Bubs was also more than happy to dole out treats back at home. That was a refreshing change from last year when he screamed bloody murder every time I tried to hand out some treats to the kids at my door. He just couldn't wrap his head around the concept that we actually gave candy away. How preposterous- he would scream at the poor kids and slam the door. This year he was scooping it out by the handful along with the complements- "I like your costume." It was really nice to see.


Drama Mama said...

I hear you - the tweenie girls dressed as hookers! There was a girl in my 8 year old daughter's class who wore fishnets, heels, a halter minidress and a tiny tiara. I asked her father what she was (biting my tongue, of course) and he replied that she was a character from Zack and Cody!

Sometimes, I think it's ok that Miss M is not so socially facile.

Good for you for dressing up. There are only a few of us out there.

Glad Bubs enjoyed. It's nice when they do.

Aspergertopia said...

Awe, he looks so cute! I am glad you were able to get out with Bubs being so sick and all.

bonbon momma said...

Those costumes just get more hoochie each year. I wonder what they will wear ten years from now, g-strings and pasties?

I am glad we got out and enjoyed the day, weatherwise it was absolutely gorgeous out. Fresh air is always good to kill the germies,right?

Casdok said...

Progress indeed!!

Anonymous said...

He looked very cute - Glad it was a big success!!!

Diana said...

That last comment was by me - Diana! I fogot my username and password for Google/Blogger!

bonbon momma said...

oh good, I got scared that we had a stalker,lol