Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Mosquitos are mistakes

Yesterday was bubs' kiddie karate class. His bus had engine trouble so it was late getting home from school and we were subsequently late going to gym class. I never know what to expect with bubs as far as behavior goes. I try to think positive and hope for the best. So I was stressed because I didn't know how he would react to half a gym class instead of our usual whole class. In my haste to get there faster, I made a wrong turn off the expressway. Bubs knew we were going the wrong way. I told him that I made a mistake. Then I asked him if he knew what a mistake was. He said "is it like a mosquito?"(in his little bubs voice it was really cute). Now in my world it made perfect sense to me, given my son's growing interest of insects, and the fact that the words sound similar. I went on to explain what a mistake was. When you think about it though, when you are scratching your mosquito bitten arse off in the middle of August, mosquitoes kind of are like a mistake.

Oh, and he was great at gym class- a 'good listener' as we like to call it around here.

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Jaws said...

I hate mosquitoes with a passion, however, they are very fond of me.

Your ds sounds really smart.

mommakitten said...

For some reason, they love me too. I didn't get a pedicure all summer because of what they did to my legs.
Thanks for the comment about my ds, we like to think he's a genius,lol.