Tuesday, October 30, 2007


This morning I was getting some juice for bubs out of the fridge. We have a picture on the fridge of his preschool class, three days a week bub leaves his center based school to go to a 'typical' preschool in the afternoon. He goes with a shadow and she fills me in on all the days shenanigans. So we have a class picture on the fridge and he periodically points out the kids and gives me a little interesting tidbit about them. Today he points at a picture of 'johnny' (don't ask me why, but I am changing his name) and says, 'that's 'johnny', he doesn't talk. He can't.' I was positively floored by that observation. Last week when I picked up bubs, his shadow told me that 'johnny's' mom came in to speak with the teachers, they thought he had selective mutism. I just couldn't believe that my son picked up on it. Amazing.


Drama Mama said...

Dude. I always forget this too:
Our kids pick up on EVERYTHING.


Just because they are quiet, it doesn't mean they don't notice.

They do.

More so.

So great that he notices the kids around him. Great teachable moment, yes?

bonbon momma said...

Yes, I need to remind myself of that fact on a daily basis!!!It was a wonderful teachable moment which I probably blew because it was 6:45 am,and I didn't have my morning coffee yet! Plus it really did catch me by surprise!

Casdok said...

Its amazing what they notice!