Sunday, October 14, 2007

If a tree falls in cyberspace....

Hmmm. My first foray into blogging. I wonder if any one will even read this. I wonder what I will even talk about. It's a Saturday night, 12:12 a.m., to be exact. I should be sleeping but I am waiting for the Advil pm to kick in and then I can go upstairs and read my book and go to sleep.

This is my story. My son has autism. I am a stay at home mom. It has been a roller coaster ride for the four years my sweet boy has been on this earth and I am certain that I am not getting off this ride any time soon. I have a lot to say on this subject, and say I will. I also have a lot to say about other stuff. Perhaps someone will read it, perhaps no one will. Either way, it's out there for the universe to do with what it will.

It's been a very long day. I am going to get the proverbial 'feet wet' and hit post and call it a night.



Anonymous said...

You made me cry, you made me laugh, you scared me, but most of made me stronger.

mommakitten said...

You are already one of the strongest people I know!