Monday, October 22, 2007

It's a battle of wits and I am losing

The bowling saga continues. The good news today is that bubs was a good listener. I know that because when I went into preschool to get him, he proudly announced to everyone "I a good listener today". He also told me he was a good friend, which is always great to hear. So the bad news is that we had to go bowling. I don't know what bubs thought would be waiting for him at the bowling alley, but whatever it was, it wasn't there. First the shoes. We talked about it on the way there, how you have to wear special shoes to bowl. He seemed OK with it. We get there and there is an issue with the shoes. He ain't crazy about them. I personally think they look like something Bert and Ernie would wear on their feet while dancing the funky pigeon. After trying on two pairs, he settles on some stylin velcro ones. We go to the alley, he says he wants to go home. Then he changes his mind. He brings his ball up the the alley and with a quiet push, we're off and running. He finishes his turn and then I go. He says he wants to leave and he starts taking off his shoes. So after a little back and forth on this, I take off my shoes too. Fine with me, let's leave. So he changes his mind and says he wants to stay. Mind you, there is massive whining involved. I have a very low tolerance for whining. So this cycle of calling each others bluff goes on one more time and I have had enough. The nice man in the bowling alley didn't charge us for our 15 minute rental of shoes and two turns of bowling. I think my score was a 9, bubs scored a 7. I had to carry a squirmy, screaming , seriously disgruntled 49 pound child out of the bowling alley. Thankfully no one was in there to witness the festivities.
I tried to turn the afternoon around by taking him to the park, but I am not even going to go into that fiasco.
Tomorrow is another day. I am taking that bowling picture off of his reinforcer chart immediately.

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