Tuesday, February 26, 2008

He can call me anything he wants


I apologize in advance, I saw this on someone's blog and I cannot remember exactly which one that was.

Sawyer's nickname generator

Mine is 'cloudy'. Actually it's my second one, I didn't like the first one. Post yours, you'll see, it'll be fun. I promise!


Cyndi said...

I'm "string bean" which I find hysterical b/c I weigh over 200 pounds!!! BUT, he can call ME whatever he wants b/c I totally have the hots for him (since season 1)!!! I am a MAJOR Lost fan.

So glad I checked your blog before going to bed...now I can have sweet dreams! and I get the bed all to myself b/c dh is sick and I banished him to the guest (aka quarantine) room. :)

JENN said...


Queen of the Binge said...

I did mine a couple of weeks ago and I was Emelda,lol

JENN said...

I got "3rd Degree". I am going to go do it again. I want something more cute, like "string bean".

bonbon momma said...

My first one was 'whitesnake' so I did it again. My friend did one for her husband and it was 'huckleberry pinhead'. How's that for a nickname?

Drama Mama said...

I'm Bedwetter.

I can't live without my LOST.

Except they're losing me with the new time travel theme.

Bring back Walt, the Black Smoke, and the polar bears!

Grasshopper said...

I love my nickname - 'Grasshopper' I am going to start referring to myself as it -

As you know - Ken does NOT like his!

Cake said...

Mmmm He is SO yummy! Mine was Einstein! Oh, Sawyer, flattery will get you EVERYWHERE!

I linked you, hope that's ok! :)

bonbon momma said...

I'm loving these nicknames, well except for yours Drama. You have to do it again.
Cake, no problemo on the link, I wish I remember what blog I got it from. Thanks for visiting!

bonbon momma said...

Duh, Cake, thanks for the Link. I am a little slow on the uptake these days.