Sunday, February 17, 2008

For better or worse


I am sitting here depressed watching 'rock of love'. I am seriously getting more depressed for the women on this show wrestling in the mud, desperately competing for a 'date' with a washed up, hair plugged up, goofball. I know this show isn't for real, it's kind of sad how hard they try to pretend it's for real. Some of these women are my age (although they probably wouldn't admit to it) and they look very foolish. It's humiliating, even though it's faker than fake. The humiliation is very real. Why do they feel the need to throw themselves in front of a bus for a 'backstage pass'and some 'brett beer'?
I should probably just shut it off but I am waiting for 'the girls next door' to come on. Now there's an evolved show for you. It's fascinating to me. I think it might be their bedrooms. The abundance of hello kitty and pink satin comforters and little yappy dogs...perhaps I missed my calling in life.
Why am I depressed? Maybe it's not depression. It's more a bit of confusion, anger and sadness rolled up into one post valentine's day horror show. I am really angry at the person I married right now. Suffice it to say that my valentines day weekend sucked and it ended with my long stemmed roses being stuffed into the trash. Not by me, I should add. There is some trouble brewing here. It's going to work out ok in the end, that much I am sure of. It just depends what the definition of 'ok' is. Is it me, or is marriage weird? I don't think I am that good at being married. I used to hate valentine's day when I was single. I hate it now that I am married. It's a stupid day.
I apologize for the grumpiness.


Drama Mama said...

I feel you. That's all I have to say.

Yes. Ride the storm. Eat the carton of ice cream. Watch the trashy shows. Do what you need to do.

I'm here for you, sister.

Marla said...

Oh my gosh! I watched that show when M was in the hospital. She would be sleeping and I would be up watching episode after episode. Thinking, "Why am I watching this trash and why is this loser kissing all of these girls...and why do they think he is he wearing a wig..." Terrible. Now, we do record the Girls Next Door and I find that one more fun. You mean you don't have Hello Kitty decor in your bedroom???? !!!!

I am sorry your Valentine's Day was not all that great. Mine was without hubby home. That makes for few problems. ;) I am sorry things are not going well. Hugs, prayers and positive thoughts being sent your way.

Casdok said...

You dont have to apoligize.
I hope it does work out for you and is more than ok.

bonbon momma said...

Thanks you guys. I am trying to be 'buddhist' about the situation and not get caught up in the crazy irrational need to scream obscenities. Counseling is in order, for certain. I need for things to get better.
Thanks for the support, I truly appreciate it.

Maddy said...

Well first thank you for the honorable mention, I'm very touched.

As for Valentines Day, I used to hate it when I was single as it was always a pass or fail day and inevitably I usually failed.

I've only been married 12 years and we've been so tied up with the children that the 'marriage' side of things has sort of.....not been top of the list, more like 'survival.'

I don't think the women on the show can have much self worth mores the pity. Maybe a different show or movie might help? Have you watched 'Little Miss Sunshine'?

It certainly made me laugh out loud and that's a real rarity.
Best wishes