Friday, February 22, 2008

Snow Day

making tracks

There is something about a snow day that makes me hungry. Apparently my bubs takes after me in this department because I have spent the entire morning bouncing between trying to keep my son occupied so he doesn't eat, and feeding him. He is relentless. Just relentless. We had a playdate over yesterday and they came with munchkins. Bubs rediscovered a new found passion for them. Any flavor. Which is odd because he has never shown an interest in them before, and they really are a common occurence in his school, they are always having a party there. He snagged one at 6:15 a.m. because I mistakenly left them on the table.

Then he hemmed and hawwed for another one, and while I don't advocate doing so, I gave him another one. In my past life as a gfcfsfeverything free momma, this is a novel approach to our lives. Then at approximately 6:18 he requested 'pirates cootie' (his approximation for pirate's booty). I told him he couldn't eat anything more till he had a good breakfast. So he agreed to let me make him some eggs and turkey bacon. I felt redeemed for the munchkins. He scarfed down my eggs and wouldn't you know it the next two words out of his mouth (and the next twenty after that) were 'pirate's cootie'. I told him he would have to wait. The way we measure time around here is in t.v. shows. I told him in 'two more shows' he could have his p.c. (as we will lovingly call it from now on). I figured he might forget about it by then. I must have been delusional to think that my child would forget about anything he wants. It's never happened yet. While I hate to load the kid up on crap I really felt like a deal was a deal. I gave him the 'p.c' and then we played a while and I took him outside with me to burn off some of the energy he had (and the snacks).

I am new to the shoveling thing. Usually the person I married (and I mean that in the most affectionate way ) takes care of it, but he didn't have time this morning. In all fairness, he did dig out my car for me (but he blasted his car radio while doing it at 5:30 a.m.). I figure it's good exercise, but I am becoming a little obsessive about it. Is there a schedule for such a thing? Do I let it pile up or go out every few hours for 'maintenance'? Bubs had fun, he was pretending to be an arctic fox.

arctic fox


Casdok said...

A hungry arctic fox! And a very cute one at that!

Brie said...

You could kindly pass some snow my way!

Cake said...

I HATE shoveling! DH ususally does ours too, and I've told him if that were my "job", we'd have a snow blower.

I think I would do it every so often, because it gets heavy. And throw some salt down each time, that helps too.

Thanks for the LOl mention on MDU! ;)


Marla said...

What are munchkins? I have never heard of them.

M loves pirate booty.

Snow days make me hungry too. I guess sitting around and eating when there is not much else to do is very cozy.

bonbon momma said...

You're welcome! Thanks for visiting.

Munchkins are evil little donut holes from dunkin donuts. They are pervasive in our school system,lol.