Tuesday, February 12, 2008

How to not be a good listener


Friday was a little iffy in the behavior department at 'typical' pre-school. It seems that bubs had some issues with his teacher,Miss Wendy. She said he was a little 'sassy'. Apparently it means he is acting like the other kids. To be honest, I didn't like her 'attitude' when I picked him up. She called his name after I signed him out and he ran up to me so excited and said 'I was a good listener today. I didn't knock over anyone's blocks'. She let out a little snort and said he did knock over someone's blocks. Ok. So I grill the child on the way to the car. 'Did you knock a friend's blocks over?' 'NO' says bubs. I ask again, I get the 'check negative' from bubs. I ask one more time for good measure. I start to think he is telling the truth. He may be many things, but the kid isn't a liar.

So I wait patiently for his shadow to come to the car to settle the score. She said she didn't think he knocked anyone's block tower over. She said she was with him throughout playtime and she didn't observe any suspect block knocking over activity on bubs' part. Usually the kids tell on each other and no one told on bubs. Sometimes the blocks fall over on their own, right? But she did say, 'Ask him what happened at snack time'. So of course I did and bubs said 'I threw my juice'. 'Why?' asks the perplexed and mortified mom. 'I don't know' says a sheepish bubs who right about now is sweating his reinforcer trip to the bookstore for the afternoon. His shadow said she wasn't there for the incedent but he was apparently angry at Miss Wendy for something. I think it had to do with cleaning up snack in a timely fashion and my bubs wasn't finished with his cheddar bunnies. These are the kind of things that have me scared for next year. He didn't technically 'throw' the juice, it was more of a 'angrily knocking over a small cup of a small amount of liquid' which thankfully didn't permanently damage any other child or their clothing. I wasn't too thrilled, but on the bright side there were no other behaviors and/or tantrums other than that, and it was a short lived event at that.

So, when I picked up bubs yesterday from preschool, he happily skipped over to me and exclaimed 'I was a good listener today Mommy. I didn't throw my juice'. Did I mention I am one proud Momma. You go my non throwing juice good listening boy!


Casdok said...

Good for bubs!!! :)

Marla said...

I am glad Bubs had a better day and did not throw his juice. M had so many similar things like that go on. Some teachers are a dream at handling it and some just push the issue upseting the child, or so that has been our experience. I always wished there was a way to explain to teachers which battles were worth picking and which ones are not. So many just never got it. Does that make sense?

Drama Mama said...

I hope that I will not throw my juice today.

Good on Bubs. Hug that boy for me, will you?