Saturday, February 23, 2008

Is it too big?

Yeah, it's too big. I just got photoshop elements and I am trying to be creative. I have to make another one in with a better size. In my past life I was really good at this kind of stuff. I am a little rusty.
Edited to add: Ok I made it smaller but I accidentally deleted a few of the cute images including my daisy, from the whole thing. Aghhhh. Tech support!!!! (extra bonus points if you know what movie that came from!)


Marla said...

Hmmmm...Did it come from Office Space or Clock Watchers? Probably totally wrong, but I guessed. I love Photoshop. I think your header looks great.

bonbon momma said...

I'll give you a hint, it's from a movie, with tom cruise, back when he was relatively sane.
Thank you about the header. I am not sure if my computer can handle the program though. It runs really funky when I have it on. I need the geek squad.

Cake said...

Don't call the geek squad, they charge insane amounts of money to transfer data that they didn't transfer! ;)

Not sure on the movie, I never did like Tom Cruise. :-X I watched Top Gun for Val Kilmer. :)

bonbon momma said...

It's from Vanilla Sky. It's about the only thing I remember from it.