Saturday, January 5, 2008

'I'll be playing here all week'-vol 2, the junior version


My son likes to get up at the ass crack of dawn. He does not take after me in this respect. So this morning at 6 a.m. I am awakened by a figure standing very close to my head. Oh, I know that kid. So I scoop him up and place him so Oedipusly (or 'Electra-ish, whichever made up word you prefer) in between me and the husband. He is squirming and moving and tapping me and singing. He is basically trying anything to get our attention. Finally after a nice long thirty seconds of silence, we hear 'knock knock'. I know I am half in a coma, so I can guess big daddy is as well. 'Um, I said, knock knock', the little voice in between us says. 'KNOCK KNOCK' , one last time, slightly louder than the last two. So we oblige- 'who's there?'. 'Orange' he says. 'Orange who?', says us. 'Orange you going to get up and play with me?'. Perhaps I should teach him my tom jones joke?


Casdok said...

Sorry had to laugh!!! :)

Drama Mama said...

Let's fix him up with my four year old who does James Cagney impressions. We can take them on the road.


bonbon momma said...

We managed to laugh too, I think it was his first joke!
Perhaps they can support us in our old age with their talents! They could be like george burns and gracie allen.

bonbon momma said...

sorry, I meant to write Casdok.