Monday, December 31, 2007

I'll be playing here all week


My brother in law told me a joke. A joke that I could actually remember and repeat. Ok, here it goes:

This guy goes to his doctor. His doctor asks him how he is feeling and the guy says "I don't know doc, I can't get the song 'Delilah' out of my head. It is driving me nuts'. The doctor says to him 'it sounds to me like you have Tom Jones Syndrome.' The guy is alarmed and he says to his doc- 'gee, doctor, is it common?' The doctor pauses for a moment and says, 'well, it's not unusual'.

Badump bump. And on that note, I think I am heading off to sleep.
Once again, Happy New Year!


drama mama said...

Okay. I told the joke to my family. They all stared back at me, except for Miss M, who pretty much guffawed.

Five minutes later, she asked me, "Mom, who is Tom Jones?"

The joke, as we say in the business, has legs.

Happy New Year!

bonbon momma said...

Is having 'legs' a good thing? Usually when my brother in law tells a joke, I kind of stop listening to him, he starts sounding like charlie browns teacher. This one was probably the only one I ever made it through, ever. It was worth it just to look up that 'hot' picture of tom jones in all of his splendor.

Drama Mama said...

Yes, having legs is a good thing. It means that something stands up - has longevity.

I remember thinking TJ was hot when I was FIVE. Thanks for reminding me of his hotness. (BTW, he was awesome in "Mars Attacks")

Cyndi said...

I just told that joke to my husband and he blurted out the punch-line before I could say it...I just put my tail between my legs and retreated back to the computer room. No fun! :(

bonbon momma said...

I actually did a google search of 'it has legs' and believe you me I got some interesting hits.

You just have to be like me and tell all your jokes in cyberspace.

Casdok said...