Sunday, January 13, 2008

Home from the theee a ter.

So we went to Ice Capades last night and we survived. I tend to look at these events as a risk, purely because I carry my own expectations of how things should go, how bubs should be, and generally, that's not the best way to take a risk. I guess I tend to take 'calculated risks'. That's only fair when the expectations are on me solely, not on another human being, particularly a little unpredictable four year old human being.
Putting my neurosis, expectations, yada yada, aside, I think we all had a great time. Bubs was entranced by the whole newness of it all. Going out after it's dark out, to a huge arena, the vendors (oh the vendors!) and all the people. As soon as we got in the doors we located the essential angler fish flashlight (a total bargain at only 18 dollars!). Then on the way to our seats, bubs asked for a sno cone in the collectible nemo cup. I had no idea he even knew what a sno cone was called. So ten bucks and one uneaten drippy sno cone later, we headed to our seats. Once seated, bubs was so excited to see all the people, not knowing what to expect. I was really afraid he wouldn't be able to sit, it's really hard for him to sit still for longer than, oh , two minutes. He did great with this. Once the show started he really seemed to be enjoying it. I think it confused him when everyone clapped after the first big number. He asked if it was over, which I thought was a valid question although I was afraid it meant that he wanted it to be over. He knows the story of Nemo, we can all quote lines from it because it was bubs' first introduction to the wonders of the sea. I don't know if he was following the story line, but he knew all of the characters. So yeah, I think he liked it, no tantrums were thrown, even when he asked for cotton candy (with the collectible nemo hat attached) and we politely declined. Not a verbal protest in sight. There was a little stimming, which is my fault because we need to get him a haircut. He has been shaking his head from side to side to feel his hair move and then visually tracking the bangs, which are too long. That can be taken care of quite easily and it will a.s.a.p. But that was it.

As far as the show goes, I have a very soft spot in my heart for Nemo- my bubs is my little nemo with his one short little fin. I also relate well to Marlin, we think alike. I got a little teary in the beginning of the show realizing that we were sitting there doing something I never thought we'd be able to do. I also got a little teary when Nemo and Dory were stuck in the mouth of the whale and Dory said that it was time for Marlin to let go. I agree with her.


Marla said...

I am so glad you had such a great time! We have always been happy with M's ability to go to shows. We have seen many plays. She loves them!!! I have a feeling you will be enjoying many more productions. Over time we have learned how to avoid orchestras warming up and finding the seats that are best for her excited bouncing or need to stand a bit every now and then. I have a harder time making it through a play than she does. I have teared up every time too thinking exactly what you did. I just can't believe we are to where we are now! We are so blessed to have little miss M! I am sure you feel the same about your little guy. $18 bucks for the flashlight! Ugh! I feel that pain but as cheesy as it sounds I am sure it was worth every penny to see him light up1

Casdok said...

How lovely that you got all teary! I can understand that! I can also relate to story!

Drama Mama said...

I love that you are exposing him to things like this. I've never paused to take Miss M to anything, and she's figured it out beautifully.

Sounds like a great experience. $18 bucks and all.

bonbon momma said...

Thank you everyone! I do think it's time to expand his cultural horizons. He loves new experiences and he really did well overall. I also think I did better with it too, which has a direct impact on bubs.
The flashlight did double duty as a show and tell prop for preschool on monday.