Monday, January 28, 2008



Me: Did you have fun in preschool today?
Bubs: Yes.
Me: Did you make a project?
Bubs: Yes.
Me: What did you make?
Bubs: Something beautiful
Me: Oh, yes, what did you use to create this beautiful something? Paint, Markers?
Bubs: Crayon
Me: (fumbling through the pile of papers on the front seat of the car and locating said 'something beautiful) Oh, you are right, this is beautiful. What did you draw here?
Bubs: A lamprey eel.
Me: Oh, of course, of course it is a lamprey eel.


Drama Mama said...




M said...


And it is really beautiful! WOO! I *heart* that eel!

Additionally? I officially double heart you for your Saturday night tv watching! WOOT! Seriously there are few things better than that on a Saturday night. (Except my kids being asleep and getting to zip through it on my dvr with some ice cream. *swoon*)

Marla said...

I see it! Lovely!

manda said...

You didnt know DUH lol I cant wait to get those drawings