Saturday, May 24, 2008

Where the hell have I been?

I miss my blog. I miss all my bloggy friends! I have been missing in action as of late, locked away in my happy place. I decided to start an etsy store. It's been a lot of work, and while it's fun, I have been somewhat obsessed with it, which might not be so bad except for the fact that I have dreams and visions of tote bags and tissue cozies all damn day and night.

Today I learned how to sew a button hole. Yay me! I even loaded some items in my store. It's kind of scary. I am almost afraid for someone to buy something for fear that they won't like it and give me a negative review. I just couldn't take a negative review.

So that's where I have been. I am going to give myself a little break from the sweatshop and check out everyone blogs.

If the spirit moves you, please check out my store and leave me some criticism. You can do it anonymously if you want (but I'll track you down using my sitemeter).


~Brenda said...

Yay! Congratulations & well wishes on your etsy endeavor. :)

Anonymous said...

Wonderful! It looks beautiful. I will check out your new store. Don't worry about the critics. Just create and enjoy!

Cyndi said...

COOL! :)

Cake said...

It's great! Very cute stuff - I totally ordered the cup cake pouch!

bonbon momma said...

Thank you guys!
Cake, you rock my world!