Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Poop, the final frontier

Besides locking myself up in a room and trying my hardest to sew in a straight line (and failing), we have been busy trying to get my son to take a dump on the toilet. It's my own fault and it probably stems to some incident waaaaay back in my childhood, but we have been putting this off way longer than we should have. By we, I mean me.
My son aced the whole pee pee on the potty business. It was a fairly painless event, which involved lots of data taking, jelly beans, 8 extra pairs of sweatpants and undies and some waterproof sandals. Because my son takes after me in the anal retentiveness area, he never poops in public, so it really hasn't been too bad with the pull ups. We like to do our dirty work in the privacy of our own homes around here.
I think though, when you are at the point that you are able to remove all of your own clothes, go to the closet, and take out your own pull up and proceed to put it on, well... it is probably long past the point that you probably need that said pull up. Bubs is leaving his aba school in a few weeks, they are really chomping at the bit to get this poopie issue straightened out. I really have problems and now I am transferring them to my son. I really thought he would just wake up one day and say, 'hey mom, I am going to poop in the toilet from now on'. I really did think that. I also have forgotten about the trips to toys r us, where I did my best vanna white impression and gestured to the plethora of goodness awaiting him once that poop was flushed. I forgot about the countless hours I sat with bubs while I tearfully forced him to sit on the bowl while I sang an hour long rendition of old mac donald had a farm. I forgot about the fact that my son told me he was never going to poop on the potty (and that was fairly recent).
So last week, I told him that we had some pull ups left and that when they ran out we would not be getting anymore. I asked him if he knew just what that meant and he replied 'it means I have to go on the potty'. So yes, he understands. On Monday afternoon, we used the last pull up. I haven't said much, again, the hope, the denial, it never gets old for me. He asked for a pull up this morning and I reminded him of the situation, but he wasn't taking the bait.
So now it's a waiting game. It has to come out, right? It will come out? In the appropriate place?


Anonymous said...

Ah, the joys of toilet training. Ugh. I hope it goes well.

Cake said...

LOL! I am the SAME way about pooping in public - unless it's some horrible emergency, it's physically impossible!

And I've also transferred my issues onto him. Whoops. Why is it that they're scared to do it? Peeing was easy here too, but I basically had to force him to poop IN the potty - after I caught him squatting like a dog in the back yard. ;)