Monday, May 5, 2008

Pretzel logic- crunchy delicious autism awareness

I stopped by my sister's house last night with bubs. She had just gotten home from food shopping. She asked me if I had tried the puzzle piece pretzels yet. I had not heard of them. Imagine my surprise when she showed me the bag.

I can't say for sure how I feel about them just yet. Like I have said in the past, I am not a huge puzzle piece person. I appreciate the symbol as some kind of marker for solidarity, like a secret handshake or something. But I know there is controversy amongst the autism community about the meaning behind the puzzle, and that some people do not like it. I do know that it's here, and it's pretty much what we've got to work with for the time being.

I do like how autism is in the news and that more and more people are eager to learn about it and try and understand it. I am comforted by that. I am not too sure about Autism Speaks though. They seem too closely affiliated with the proverbial 'man' for my comfort. I haven't decided if they are friend or foe, so for now, I am decidedly neutral (with leanings toward the negative on them.

The pretzels themselves were kind of good. Almost like a pretzel type chip. You can now have your autism awareness and eat it too!


Anonymous said...

I feel a lot like you. Confused. Mainly I don't like them. I imagine if M sees them she will be even more confused. Wondering why Autism is on a pretzel or is Autism a pretzel and better yet wondering if she is a pretzel. I don't get it at all.

~Brenda said...

Personally, I'm puzzled by the pretzel. ;) After having read this entry and Marla's comment...I don't think I'll be purchasing them. But if you ladies decide they're a good thing, keep me in the loop, please. :) I like to offer support where I can. And we like pretzels here.

Bubs is lucky to have such an awesome Mom! (By the way, are you still Bento-ing at all?)

bonbon momma said...

Yeah, I think I am definitely confused by the puzzles. It just seems so random and bizarre.

You are too kind!I do pathetically attempt to bento, meaning I still use the laptop lunchbox I got in the beginning of the school year, which is missing a few pieces,lol. My son refuses to eat sandwhiches anymore (long story) so I just put mac and cheese and nuggets in there. Maybe in kindy he'll get back into the sandwhiches!

Drama Mama said...

I've said it before: Autism - it's the new black.

I'm not for commercializing Autism. Besides, I don't think they'd be on many autistic kids' GFCF diets...

bonbon momma said...

I love that! Autism is the new black, and yes I think that what bothers me about this is that they are commercializing autism, in the name of awareness.

Kathi said...

I hadn't heard of them - like many others I'm not really sure how I feel about the puzzle pieces either - but I'm pretty sure those pretzels aren't on my son's diet!