Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Sick House

So my cold still lingers, but the hacking cough has slowed down somewhat and I can almost breathe out of my left nostril. I think I am just getting used to it. My poor bubs has gotten a nasty case of pink eye though. I knew he wouldn't come out of this unscathed. The school nurse called yesterday just as I was cozily ensconced in my covers. So I went to pick him up from school. He didn't understand why he had to go home, as the crud was oozing out of his eyes. Poor guy.
I couldn't get a doctor's appointment for him till six that night. I was really anticipating an office full of sick kids and their mom's who would just grimace when they saw my poor bubs unfortunate eyes. Thankfully though, the office was nice and empty. I usually don't mind this ped's office. I am on my fourth one since we moved to this area. I never thought of myself as a difficult mom, and I still don't. I just have problems with and very little patience with pediatricians for some reason. We got into our little room and the nurse came in. She seemed like one of those people who appeared nice on the surface but was really a nut job underneath. Kind of like latent road rage. She was nice enough with us though. Most of the time I don't go into the whole 'pdd thing'. The doctor knows us so I don't have to go through the whole story every time. This nurse didn't know us though. She was giving bubs all kinds of ten step directives and things, he was ok with them. He couldn't keep his hands of the blood pressure thing, he just loves that little balloon thing. I could see she was getting annoyed. I totally understand, it's 6 at night and she's had a whole day full of snotty crusty kids badgering her. While she was taking the b.p. he was kind of singing and she told him he had to be quiet. Then he started kicking her while she was in front of him listening to his chest. I told him to stop and I tried to explain that he wasn't being aggressive, it was more of a sensory thing. I don't allow bubs to kick or hit people, but I felt that I wanted her to know why he was doing it. So she was just mildly annoyed by us. When the doctor came in, I had asked about when he could return to school and she asked me what school he went to. So I told her. Bubs school has the word 'autism' in it's name. I usually don't share this info with people, unless they need to know and this chickie needed to know. It was like a light bulb went off in her head and she suddenly morphed into florence nightingale on the spot. She started talking to my son as if he were deaf or spoke another language and she was my new best friend. She even wiped the gunk off of bubs eyes and gave me extra gauze to take home and do it myself. Honestly, I was kind of taken aback by this sudden shift of behavior. She must have been having some major bad thoughts about us and felt terribly guilty and needed to redeem herself in the remaining minutes of our visit.I want bubs to be treated as an equal but I also want him treated kindly. I don't want phony balonies in his life, like this lady. Although the new version of her was a marked improvement over the 'old her'.
Perhaps I am too sensitive today.


Maddy said...

Sympathies on the sickies. don't know what to say about the change in behaviour? Hopefully that's good? Fingers crossed.
Best wishes

This is my calling card or link"Whittereronautism"until blogger comments get themselves sorted out.

Drama Mama said...

Poor Bubs.

I HATE when people speak to Miss M that way. HATE it.

She's not from France. She has autism. She's not dumb. In most cases, she's smarter than the idiot adult talking to her that way. Total pet peeve of mine.

Lovies to the lad --