Thursday, October 30, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like christmas...

My son has graduated from the noggin channel to discovery channel kids. I am so proud... It seems just yesterday we were watching blues clues and oswald, and now, well, now we are enjoying shows such as 'grossology', and 'kenny the shark'. We are also enjoying commercials. This has been my son's first exposure to commercials. I will describe to you what happens now. My son will be sitting on the couch, enjoying his show. A commercial will come on. I watch his profile, the concentration is so endearing to me. Then I see his mouth move, and the words 'I want that, Mom!' are produced. If I don't respond, the cries will get louder..."I want that MOM!!!". I usually just say,' Ok'. I acknowledge the want, yes, but promise nothing. It doesn't matter what the toy is either. My son is not picky. He loves all plastic crap equally, pink and sparkly, or rugged and tough. He saw a lovely cupcake machine that he wanted the other day. It brought back such memories of my betty crocker oven. I even imagined owning it. He wanted a nail polishing machine too, but after the commercial was over, he sadly muttered "I think that's for girls mom". Trying not to gender stereotype, I said 'yes, but you can want it too, that's ok'. Am I lame or what?

I have been trying to turn this into a language arts assignment. Now when he sees something he 'wants' I tell him we can add it to his letter to santa.

Now I don't know who the target audience is for the discovery kids channel is at 7:15 on a weekday morning. I kind of thought it was kids, but maybe it has been learned through rigorous market research that a large portion of the immobile elderly are also tuning in. There were quite a few commercials for the 'scooter'. My son sees this and of course wants it. I told him that it was for old people who couldn't walk. He insisted it wasn't and told me he was putting it on his Christmas list to Santa.

I hope he is not disappointed on Christmas morning.


Anonymous said...

There is a funny movie called Harold where a high school kid gets one of those wheelie things instead of a go kart. It is so funny.

M is into commercials as well. We record our shows so she will pause the show, rewind it and make me watch each commercial she likes. She loves to tell me items she thinks I need to purchase for myself or movies that she says I must see. It totally cracks me up.

Maddy said...

Huh! When I saw nail polishing I thought it was for OCD builders who needed shiny nails to hammer into the wall.

I note that you didn't also tell him that he could have an 'elderly person's' 'scooter', just gotta stamp out that agism.!

We have TIVO so no commercials for us, but every so often a few get through and we have the exact same thing no matter how offbeat. We get 'I NEEEEED it,' rather than 'I want' though!

~Momster said...

I want to try that cupcake decorating one. **Sigh** Even though I know that it will never be what they show it to be.

And a scooter? For Christmas? Cherry red, huh? :) You know what you'll be getting, don't ya? Space Bags!

Anonymous said...

I want a Jazzy too!