Monday, October 6, 2008

The fruits of my labor...

So I had my first official table as a vendor last week. I was so excited, I sewed my little heart out. Details were paid attention to, tags were added, pricing was done. It was a ton of work but I truly did enjoy the whole process. The turnout was kind of grim, everyone stayed home to watch Sexy Sarah duke it out with Joe 'I had my eyes done' Biden I guess. That and the fact that our economy has crashed and burned before our eyes. But in spite of that it was fun and I sold some stuff to some people who were really excited about my things. I made the cost of the table back, and a little extra for Panera money and hopefully I helped a good cause (it was for the building of a new school for children with autism).

My mother in law came to help me, it was very nice of her to support me and it was good to have the company on my maiden voyage into craft fairdom.

I still have quite a bit of stuff left. I am going to do an etsy store update tomorrow, that has been neglected for a while. I am also going to do another couple of craft fairs in November.

I am also going to do a bloggy giveaway. I have to check and see when my official 'anniversary' is. I cannot believe a whole year has evolved since I decided to spill my guts on the internetz.

Thanks for looking!!!

eta: October 14th will be giveaway day!!!!


~Momster said...

All of your creations are just adorable! You've got such talent. And yup...your MIL rocks for supporting you in that way. :)

Cyndi said...

Your creations look awesome! :)

Queen of the Binge said...

Holy smokes lady! That is a lot of sewing. Everything looks great! Glad you made some dough :)
I cannot say enough how much I love those crayon roll-ups. I despise loose crayons so it was the perfect gift for me even though they were really for the kids ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh! How I wish I had some spending money right now. Your stuff is beautiful. I love it. What a kicking cause as well.You are beautiful too!

Anonymous said...

Very ya!