Saturday, March 22, 2008

Happy Easter!


Tomorrow is Easter. We are not religious, we are a party lovin family. So we will head out to my sisters for a massive Easter egg hunt, present frenzy and feast. Tonight bubs and I wrote a letter to the Easter Bunny and left out a plate of mini carrots. Bubs thought this was hysterical. Tomorrow the E.B. will leave mini carrot crumbs, a thank you note and a ginourmous basket of goodness. My husband was just asking me what kind of candy was in bubs' basket. To be honest, peeps are the only kind, which will probably get eaten by me. He is not a big candy eater. When we were little it was all about the homemade chocolate bunnies gnawed apart carefully, pectin jelly beans, and a few other assorted goodies. Somewhere along the way, Easter has morphed into a mini Christmas of sorts. Hey, I love to buy presents. Bubs' will be receiving a new game for his leapster, some new crayola markers that somehow change the chemical makeup of construction paper (that comes with it in the kit), a sea creature magnet art kit, and a nice bug catching jar. He originally asked the E.B. for a watch, but I think that was just because he wanted to play with his father's and he was denied. He also wants 'deep dark sea creatures' (his words) and sea monsters. I hope he is not disappointed but the E.B. could not find those particular items and he forgot all about the watch.
Happy Easter everyone, however you celebrate!!!


Anonymous said...

Happy Easter! We do the Easter basket from the Easter Bunny. I love setting it all up. We hide eggs around the house and M searches for them. Tonight we had one of her little friends over. I had fun creating a basket for her too. We sometimes go to church. That all depends on M in the morning. Not much planning ahead around here. After that we are off to Grandma's if all goes well.
I hope you have a great time at the Easter party tomorrow.

Drama Mama said...

Happy Easter, all of you!

Tomorrow, we do something new:
a picnic with a bunch of families, a potluck, and soccer.

I'm all for partying. Have a good one

Casdok said...

Happy Easter to you and your family!!

JENN said...

Happy Easter too! We do more presents then candy too. I don't know if that is better then candy overload, but oh well!.

Queen of the Binge said...

Happy Easter!

Cyndi said...

Wow, that sounds cool...I love giving presents!