Sunday, November 9, 2008

I think my son is a republican...

My friend Leslie had an Obama victory party today. I took bubs with me as my date, since my husband had to work. When we got to her house, I explained to him that we were going to celebrate our new president Barak Obama. I took him with me to vote, so we have discussed this before, and I know they talk about it in school. I didn't know to what extent, but I believe I do now.
After I told him about the cause for our party, he informed me that he no longer liked Barak Obama. He said, and I quote:

"Me and Zachary, we don't like Barak Obama".
"Why not? Said I.
"Because he is going to take away all my money and my toys". (I should add that he was really concerned about this!)
"Not all of them, I said, just 20%"- Ok, I didn't really say that. I don't remember what pearls of wisdom I offered up.(For the record, I did vote for Obama)

I was stunned on many levels. Stunned to know that my boy is discussing politics with a 2nd grader on the bus. Stunned at his ability to recall. Stunned that he seemed to sum up what my father has been trying to drill into me during the whole election, and probably stunned that he is able to have that kind of conversation with me, and stunned that I could have given birth to a conservative republican. I really do take it for granted that he is paying attention to what people say. That's scary- I better watch what I say around him.

It has been a tough week for me, I really appreciated this little conversation with my sweet son today.


Rebecca said...

I love it! A boy after my own heart!

Queen of the Binge said...

Oh, the horror! LOL!
I was also amazed during the election. Aidan voted for Obama at school because "He's better" and when dh tried to explain that voting for Obama means that's he'd have to give away some of Halloween candy to those who didn't have as much he said "That's ok, it's nice to share. And if I was President and people didn't have ice cream, I'd give it to them for free"
He's a boy after his mom's own socialist heart :P

Anonymous said...

What a little smartie. I love it!

I hope the rest of the week goes better.

It is amazing what they pick up on. The worst is when M picks up on things and totally does not understand and stresses about something that makes no sense. That can be frustrating.