Tuesday, July 29, 2008

My little paleontologist

On Saturday we had bubs' fifth birthday party. Yep, my son is five (officially it's Thursday). I am of course emotional about it. We had twenty one kids at a bouncy place. Honestly, a few years ago, I was really worried that we wouldn't get to celebrate a party in such a way. I didn't even know if my son would know or care what a birthday party was, let alone give me a list of friends twenty kids long. It was wonderful. Chaotic, tiring (and sweaty in places I didn't know I could sweat) and wonderful. The theme, picked by bubs' (another thing I do NOT take for granted) was his new love, dinosaurs. On the way to the party, bubs said 'I want to be a paleontologist when I grow up'. Completely unprompted, and learned from the magic school bus book that he reads every night. He even asked me 'how many numbers do I have to be to be a grown up?'. We even went to the party store and picked out the crap made in china for our goody bags.

Speaking of goody bags, how Martha Stewart am I? I sewed my own goody bags. Yeah, I was cursing myself and my great ideas somewhere around baggie number 18. Spending all those time on those crafty earth mama blogs, made me feel inadequate. I really wanted to make my own dinosaur shaped crayons (out of chocolate molds) to put inside my homemade bags, along with some organic nuts and berries in a biodegradable package,in an homage to some crazy Montessori/Waldorf goddess somewhere out there, but thankfully my good sense kicked in and I just put in some crayola colored pencils I got for a deal at toys r us with some of my favorite laffy taffy (love the banana ones!). I thought that was creative enough, and I even included a pencil sharpener. We always get those cute little themed pencils at all the holidays, but I never have a pencil sharpener around so they just sit around looking pretty.

The kids had a great time, bubs' had a great time as well. I am so grateful for everything. Tired and burned out, but grateful none the less.

We were driving home from our play date this afternoon and bubs was sitting in his car seat looking kind of sad. I asked him 'what's the matter?'. He said 'I am sad, I miss my birthday party'. I told him we still had more celebrating to do. Of course when I asked him what his favorite part of his party was, he said without missing a beat 'presents'. I think though (and I hope) that it's more than that. We are still going to have a mini celebration on Thursday, my husband is taking off from work and we will go to the beach, weather permitting and we are having a family bbq on Sunday. So the party never ends around here!

Hey Norman, if you're visiting(and I think you are)-a big thank you for helping with the computer!!!.I appreciate all the time you took ... Now get off my mommy blog and go look at some racing stuff will ya...;)


~Momster said...

Oooooh, those dino gift bags are the coolest thing ever! Great great job. I love them. :)

Happy Early Birthday to your little man. :)

PS...one of my favorite kids' books of all time is, "Can I Have a Stegosaurus, Mom? Can I Please?" I could read it and read it and read it and read it...and then read it some more. :)

Marla said...

Happy Birthday! That slide looks awesome. Dinosaurs are awesome. Has he seent the movie Journey to the Center of the Earth. A great dino scene in that movie. M loved it.

Sounds like you planned a great party. Your bags are adorable. You are soooo talented.

Queen of the Binge said...

I'm glad he had such a good time. Kudos on the goody bags! They were really terrific. The boys have been coloring w/ their pencils ever since :)

MommaKiss said...

What a great birthday party!

I'll admit, I've been a lurker on & off - I e-mailed you a bit ago regarding early testing and info on research that you had. You were very open and I appreciated it so!

So I promise not to lurk anymore, I'll say hi when I stop by.

Happy Birthday Bubs!

bonbon momma said...

Momster- I am going to check out that book, sounds like it would be a winner here. I got one for his birthday about everyone getting a free dinosaur with a purchase.

Marla- We are trying to get to see that movie. It seems almost impossible that the three of us are available at the same time. Bubs saw the trailer for it at kung fu panda, and he loved it.

Queen- I am so happy they love their colored pencils. They might not have loved my homemade crayons so much.

Mommakiss- Welcome!!!!Thank you for stopping by and don't feel pressure to comment. No pressure here. :)

Cyndi said...

LOVE the goody bags...how cool is that?!!

drama mama said...

I am a bday party WHORE. I love the photos; love the goody bags. So glad the boy loved it, too.