Sunday, July 20, 2008

We are having a magical summer, damn it! Now stop crying...

Like I have said in the past, we have kind of gone 'cold turkey' on all the therapy and while I have tried to maintain some semblance of structure, it's just not the same. For the most part, I have succeeded in having fun filled days for bubs. I signed us up for some classes at a local farm, which were wonderful. On the days that we had nothing special planned, we kind of hung around the house in our pajamas, usually way too long. We watched way too much TV and we ate way too many snacks. I have to admit, I kind of enjoyed it, but in a guilty sort of way. By Thursday I had had enough though and I decided it was time for some projects.

The art teacher in me has laid dormant for a while. It's tough to do projects with my self directed boy. I have nothing but the utmost respect for any parent that home schools, but I think it would be disastrous for us here. I bit the bullet though and found some very cool projects on this website. It's tough being an anal retentive art teacher, it really is. It's a constant battle with markers with no caps vs. the wonder that is the creative spirit. I have gotten worse since staying home. All that data taking took it's toll on me I guess.

I painstakingly laid out the materials, and did a quick task analysis of the steps involved in each project. We did them outside, I also need to mention that my son hates being outside, especially when it's hot out (he inherited that from me, I was a bookworm who easily preferred a rainy day at age 4). I thought we could have one of those fun 'creative fun earthy momma' kind of afternoons, with plenty of laughs, paint and sidewalk chalk along with lots of happy summer memories. There is a plethora of amazing mom/craft/magical childhood experience blogs out there which I don't recommend anyone visit, unless they want to feel like a big huge failure.

Bubs was psyched for his afternoon of craftiness, but he wasn't prepared for my gestapo type tactics. In all fairness to me, he is a giant scutch (I don't know how to spell that word) and when I was trying to explain to him how to do this project, he just picked up a sharpie and started making random dots all over his shirt. When I nicely tried to explain that he had to wait for me to show him what to do, all hell broke loose. So after some major hemming and hawing and at least 15 minutes of crying we went inside for a breather. I was really disappointed that our happy summer memories seemed to be morphing into mommie dearest art project time.

Thankfully though, after our meltdown and subsequent recovery time, we started over, and came out and actually had fun. I am also very thankful that camp starts tomorrow. It's just a little three hour YMCA program three times a week, but I think we are both going to enjoy the time.


Marla said...

You guys have been busy! Your little boy is soooooo cute. I love the pictures. Homeschooling....yup, I do often go crazy. It certainly was not my very first choice.

The other day I took M and her friend to the pool. Paid, went in and it was hell from the moment we arrived. Both were throwing fits and we left thirty minutes later. It sucked.I had the exact same feeling. "Have fun! I paid money to be here! This is what you begged for all day!" Sigh. The only reason I did not get the psot done on that terrible day was I also got in a big argument with my friend, who is the mom of the child I was watching. That took up all my brain energy.

Rae said...

See, this is why coloring,playdoh and paint are a rare treat at my house. The older I get the more OCD I get about the neatness of it all.

Im a bad mom. We are so coloring or painting something today.

~Momster said...

I want to make shirts like them! Is there a how-to somewhere?

Penny said...

Yay for perserverance! His little painting looks just like cute little ladybugs!