Friday, April 18, 2008


I have a confession to make. I thought I had a cyber stalker. I thought that the content of this blog must be so controversial, so thought provoking, so 'dangerous' that someone thought I must be stopped. I did. I was a little scared too. Till I found out it was just random 'spambot'.

Two days ago someone named 'shakadala' left a comment for me in the post underneath this one. Wow, that's a cool name, I thought. I wonder what they have to say. Well, what they had to say was 'click here'. Yeah. I have likened that one to my brother in law telling me to 'pull his finger'. Not that I ever fell for that one. But embarrassing as it is to admit my naivete, I did click there. Well, at least I can say I now have the wonderful program 'spybot' up and running on my computer and old bessie is now running faster than ever. So I guess I do have shakadala to thank.

So after my friend shakadala came and went, I got another comment, on the same post from someone named 'khagan'. Folks, you must know how much I love comments. I do. I really really do. So imagine my dismay when I see khagan leaving the same message as shakadala. I of course deleted it immediately, but the wheels began to turn in my brain. Did I offend someone with my detailed description of my son's drawing of the ocean floor? Have I said something hurtful? Does someone hate me? I even had my mother concerned. I was imagining scary things akin to that movie with Diane Lane where she is some kind of law enforcement agent who becomes entangled with a cyber murderer who posts his gory killing sprees on the net. I didn't see it, but I imagined it to be pretty scary. At any rate, I asked around to some more 'seasoned' bloggers and they assured me it was something called 'spambot' and that I should just delete it and move on. They also advised me to add that little box at the bottom of the comments where you have to enter that code. I now know what that code is for.

Hey, thanks Shakadala and Khagan. I learned so much from you two!


Queen of the Binge said...

LOL! You crack me up.

Marla said...

And some day you will get some not so nice person that will leave a nasty comment. Just delete those and move on as well. I don't understand why people do that but don't waste any time obsessing about it. I don't.

I get paranoid sometimes too.

Cyndi said...

Very weird! If you have the word verification does that make you "safe"?

bonbon momma said...

I cannot imagine who would have something nasty to say to you. It's really amazing, but you are right that it's not worth wasting time over it.

Yes, the word verification should do it.