Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Critical Thinking

This evening bubs was watching some tv before the tub. He is heavily into public tv. We have a kids 13 channel which is all kids public tv shows. He loves this, and the fact that we have two other public tv channels to toggle back and forth and check out all the options. So tonight after exhausting all the possibilities, the only one not offering up bbc world news was the kids 13 channel. Wishbone came on. Wishbone is about a cute dog that time travels. It's live action and can be a little too 'historical' for a four year old. So bubs sings the theme song but then says "Put on Noggin Mommy" and then what could be considered a 'mutter' says softly 'this show stinks'. I might not have caught it if I wasn't looking at him.

The strange thing about it was that it sounded so 'typical'. I can only describe it like that, and it's kind of like not knowing you are missing something till you actually get a taste of it. It was not a loud sing songy aba type 'this show is stinky mommy', but more of a quick, under the breath type of utterance that kids (not usually mine) do. I must say that I am a little alarmed at the sheer attitude coming out of my boy these days. I can't quite put my finger on it, perhaps he has been reading Sartre after I tuck him in at night.


Casdok said...

Maybe he is!!
Very cute!

Anonymous said...

Very cool. I remember moments like that too. There will be more! Progress!