Sunday, November 4, 2007


OK, last night I tasted the medicine and bubs is right, it really does taste like crap. Like tongue numbing bad and way worse than jaegermeister. It took me a good half hour to get it off of my tongue.I am going to go to the supermarket today and just mix it up in some frosting in a can. I thought that they did something about the bad taste in kid's meds. They managed to make it red, couldn't they have 'cherried' it up or something. Wow.


13 said...

Cherry would be nice. For grown ups, they should have coffee flavored cough syrup (caffeinated, of course). That way: more coffee would make you less coughey. Ahem. Sorry for the pun. Hoo.

bonbon momma said...

Just think of the marketing possiblities, 'mocha latte cough suppressant with dextromathoapan' or decaf cappucino nighttime cold formula. I bet that you are on to something there.