Monday, November 26, 2007

Binging and Purging

Lately it seems like I am either doing one of two things. Either I am furiously organizing and bagging up old clothes and toys for the big brother truck or I am out at toys r us and target looking for their immediate replacements. Sounds like Christmas is on it's way. It's a tricky business getting these toys out of here unscathed. It seems that Bubs has discovered a new found fascination with that Quizard robot toy that sat here virtually ignored for 11months in the corner of my living room. It also appears that the new location by the back door (in a pile with all the other misfit toys) has created a whole new level of interest in the thing. He actually tries to play with it appropriately. Now it's been moved to the 'questionable pile'. Ugh. So in order to dodge my son as well as hubs (a pack rat!!!) I am putting everything in black lawn bags and moving them to the basement awaiting their transport to new homes. I guess I can enjoy a few weeks of no clutter until Santa comes and dumps a load in my clean organized little home.

To be honest though, I am really enjoying the Christmas shopping this year. I see so many things bubs would like, and I think he is actually starting to grasp the concept of Santa. When he was first diagnosed, one of the questions on one of the many tests he was subjected to was about opening presents. I remember that I answered 'no' to whether or not bubs was interested in opening a wrapped present. Apparently consumerism is an innate skill that our children are supposed to come hardwired with, and it was a skill my bubs didn't have. So what did I do? I started wrapping 'novel' crap up in pretty paper and schooling him in the fine art of ripping open a box. He picked up on it pretty fast because now he is a present fiend. It's almost painful for him to go to a birthday party and watch the pile of goodness and know that it's not his to open. The last birthday party he went to, he and his friend Emma sat and watched the birthday boy open his loot and they were both trying to make each other feel better. 'Don't worry, we can have presents too', my bubs said. His little friend said 'yeah, our birthday is next'. It was too adorable. He also consoled himself with the fact that there was sure to be a goody bag, although I am working on him not asking for it as soon as he walks into the party. How far we have come!

I must add that I am not certain on the spelling of 'binge-ing'- I keep switching from no e to adding an e back to e-less, and now the word just looks completely wonky to me. So if I spelled it wrong, please forgive a momma.


Maddy said...

We have to 'practice' ripping too so you're not alone. Don't worry about the 'e' I have completely corrupted my spell checker so I don't have a hope.

Frog's Mom said...

lol, it's a never ending battle! We actually hired a construction dumpster delivered to our property this summer. I spent 4 weeks cleaning out every nook and cranny. I sent bags and bags to goodwill, the local School district and charity garage sales. We have a new mantra "nothing comes in, till something goes out" and we were planning on getting the kids "experiences" for Christmas instead of things. But the holiday shopping sirens are singing -I'm afraid our low clutter days are numbered - again!
Frog is just starting to "get" the present thing. Give him one and he's interested. Give him two and he's overwhelmed - especially if others are watching. But I don't dare leave presents under the tree before Christmas - He does LOVE to tear paper :-)