Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Ch Ch Ch Changes....

Bubs is now sleeping in his big boy bed. Go Bubs! It's with mixed emotions of course, both for him and for me. Now he is free to get up at 5:40 am and come into my room and try and pry open my closed eyes with his tiny little fingers and tell me to wake up. I really prolonged it as much as I could but it was entering into dysfunctional territory.
We dismantled the aba room (aka therapy room) and made it bubs' new ocean extravaganza room. I know he likes it, but I know he misses his crib. I know I kinda miss the crib too, but hey, transitions are never easy, but change is good. The best part is that we now no longer have a therapy room!!!! Nor do we need a therapy room!!!! That is cause for celebration unto itself. Bubs still gets home hours but he does them in the living room now. So the old room is now going to be my 'room of one's own'. I even picked out a new paint color. It's called 'sanctuary' and honestly, I picked it because of the name (but it's also a nice color, kind of a grey-ish periwinkle). I am not entirely sure what I am going to be accomplishing in my 'sanctuary' but I know it's going to smell all nice and aromatherapy-ish in there.


drama mama said...

I know what I would do in the Sanctuary Room:

Absolutely Nothing.


Jaws said...

Congrats to bubs!!

Your sanctuary room sounds wonderful.

I think you should paint " Serenity Now!" on the wall, LOL

bonbon momma said...

Yes, and I will put a sign on the door that says 'no boys allowed'.

This is going to be my new years project, I just have to make sure it doesn't become a 'dumping ground' for homeless items. That's not serene at all!

DM- It's most likely going to be my 'do nothing room' although I was thinking of putting my sewing machine in there so I can revisit all of my old quilting projects. Then again, nothing is just fine with me!

Rebecca said...

MMmm, that sounds like a lovely color. Do you have a link? I'm looking for a new dining room color. It's grey now, but doesn't flow with the rest of the bottom floor. I was going to go with a Navy, but Serenity might be even better!

Is a baby gate something that would work to keep Bubs in his room? (Or an option, I don't know much about him)

bonbon momma said...

Here is the link, although the color looks very grey on my computer, it has a little more periwinkle to it on the sample chip from the paint store.

As far as the gate, we are considering it although I think bubs would get very insulted. He is still trying to figure out the whole boundary thing with the new room. I am trying to be very 'non reacting' when he gets out of bed and just redirect him back. It's such a weird adjustment for all of us.

mcewen said...

Sanctuary! How apt, I think I would have fallen for the name too.
BEst wishes

Anonymous said...

yay! congratulations!

Frog's Mom said...

One suggestion for the Sanctuary Room - A lock for the door! My office is the most popular room in the house as soon as I sit in my chair. And Frog has his own unique way of addressing my "filing" system (everything must go on the floor).

Hurray for Bub's big boy bed and moving work into the living room. And his comment on the birthday presents - too cute!