Thursday, September 4, 2008

Swimming with the sharks

This morning at 8:24 am the bus came and picked up my son to take him to the big bad world of elementary school. You know it should be easier for me to deal with seeing as how he's been going on a bus to school for the last 2 years. Should be, but it wasn't.

I remember back when we started all the home therapy. I just couldn't imagine this day. I didn't know where he would be. I just could not picture it. It's almost surreal that it is here now. Simultaneously a blink of an eye and a million years ago if that is entirely possible. It was hard enough sending my 3 year old on a bus to go to school all day, but at least I knew exactly what he was doing for most of the day. We had the little black and white communication book. I know I have one of those now, but it's not quite the intimate portal into my son's day that I am used to. I think it's kind of a vague thing that I'll be lucky to get a morsel of info at the end of the week. I know that it's supposed to be that way, what we had wasn't typical. There's the thing. I am not used to typical. I am scared of typical. Terrified to my core.Whew, that feels weird to admit.

My big fears for today are: did he eat his lunch, did he listen to his teacher, did he keep all of his clothes on when he went to the bathroom, was anyone mean to him.

He'll be home in around 20 minutes. Hopefully my sanity will preserve itself till then. I can't wait to see him.


Maddy said...

Oh thank you, thank you , thank you! I thought it was only mine who have to remove every stitch to use the bathroom!

Hope it was a fabulous first day.


*Denise* said...

Hi! I'm DietCokeMom over on the babycenter board (where I pretty much just lurk but did post to you about the LI Advocacy Group). Just wanted to let you know that my lil guy started K yesterday too and had a great day and yep, I'm freakin' out that he'll take off every stitch of clothing to use the bathroom! Seriously, that's my only worry about him at school, it's just good to not be alone, lol! (Oh, and I love your blog!)

bonbon momma said...

OK, so what is it with the nakey time? My son cannot have a stitch of clothing on when he goes number 2 and lately number 1 as well. He takes them all off and then prefers to stay that way. I am constantly reminding him that it's only ok at home.

~Momster said... did he do? It's so heartbreaking to watch them grow up.

Rae said...


Marla said...

Oh how I know the feeling! I am nervous for M to start the Autism Center. Excited and yet know I will be thinking the same thoughts you are here.

I hope all goes well and the year is a smooth one.