Friday, September 5, 2008

Freaky Friday

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I was looking through one of my farty housewife magazines (I think it was Women's Day) and I came upon this ad. Usually you see them for things like the m & m candies babies, or the little cute dolls that you can hold in your hand (and I don't mean cute in a good way). You know them, they could be yours for 3 easy payments of $24.95. I usually just glance at them and think about what kind of person might want one of those. An adult I mean. I imagine a house filled with creepy dolls and lots of ruffles on the couch and windows. Some E'au de Mothball.Someone I probably wouldn't hang out with. Don't get me wrong I like dolls, but the lifelike ones totally creep me out. My husband told me a story about how someone had one of them in their car and the cops shattered the window to try and rescue the baby in the car.
OK, back to Umi. I came upon this picture and I have to say, it really jumped out at me. I mean who is the target audience for this? Is it for an animal lover? I don't think so. It's not for a child because even though it's made out 'lifelike silicone', it's way too delicate and chokable. A Paris Hilton wannabee? Who is going to want a lifelike monkey doll dressed in baby clothes with a bow in it's fur? Oh and it comes with a free pacifier. This kind of crazy doesn't come cheap though , it's only five monthly payments of $27.95, which if you do the math, comes to a whopping $139.95 It moved me though, I have to admit. Enough to show it to my husband (I told him I wanted it for Christmas) and enough to take a picture of it, download it into my computer and share it with you.

In a totally unrelated note, my son did well yesterday. He didn't want to talk about it to much but from the snippets I got out of him, someone named Andrew wasn't being a good listener. He got to go to music class and play with the instruments, and he sat with a girl from his class on the bus ride home and her name was Hannah Montana. This morning when he asked me what he was doing today, I told him he was going to kindergarten again. He said 'but I already went there already'. Apparently once was enough for him, although he seemed to forget that when the bus pulled up. He skipped happily down the driveway and onto the bus. Thank you God.


~Momster said...

Hooray for no morning battles! And major score on meeting Hannah. ;) Too young to ask for autographs, eh? Ah, well...probably for the best...her little head would have swollen and she wouldn't have made it out the bus door.

I think monkey is cute. But not five payments cute.

Marla said...

So glad the day went well! Great news!

The little monkey thing....ummmm...very freaky looking, I think. I could not sleep with that in my house.

valerie said...

i just stumbled across your blog, and this post is hilarious! i'm always fascinated by these dolls too... i read all the fine print and everything because it's amusing and perplexing at the same time. my mom used to buy franklin mint gone with the wind dolls, but at least those aren't babies.

Queen of the Binge said...

Omg, that is so funny! I *just* showed dh that ad yesterday and asked him if he wanted it for Xmas! LOL
I'm glad his day went well. So did ours :)

willownt said...

And I thought the one that featured a (human) preemie (was that the one that "breathed"? I can't remember) was creepy...Who buys these things?

kristi said...

That little monkey creeped me out. I saw it in one of my magazines too.

Corrie said...

I always wondered about those dolls, too!! Who buys those?!? Why? What do they do with them?