Monday, June 2, 2008

It's my 100th Post

I had big plans for this post. I really did. But those plans fizzled yesterday morning when bubs came up to me while I was sewing, rubbing his head, telling me 'my head is failed, mom'. 'What?', I said. 'It's failed, my head is failed', he said again, in a sad kind of way. So I figured he had a headache. The day before we went to the skankiest burger king I have ever been in. It was gee -ross. My friend Mary met us there, she carries bleach with her at all times, and even that wasn't enough to wipe away the skeeviness that surrounded us. So yeah, bubs' head failed due to the germ pit I exposed him to the day before. It was confirmed when my friend Mary called me up shortly after and told me her son requested that band aids be put on his ears. Our children are a very poetic bunch.
I get very anxious when my son gets sick. Un-naturally anxious. It kills me. I stress out about how he is feeling, what could be wrong, do you think it's strep, oh no not strep, I can't make him take those damn antibiotics, oh no... should I send him to school? Do I call the bus driver.... do you get the picture? I freak out.
So I kept bubs home today. He seemed to be ok, just a little congested, no fever, but not really cool as a cucumber either. He seemed to develop a 'head failing test' that he showed me. He happily shook his head back and forth, and smiled and said 'see, my head isn't failing anymore'. Who needs thermometers?
At any rate, I am going to have my 100th post celebration at another time. It will be a surprise.


~Brenda said...

Poor little man. :( I hope that his head succeeds tomorrow. :) It's not your fault (but you knew that).

Anonymous said...

I sure hope he is better! Happy 100th post!

Cake said...

That is the WORST feeling! I always feel the same send him or not, take him to the Dr. or not, it goes on and on.

Happy 100th post!

I got my Cupcake pouch (SUPER fast I might add) and it's fabulous! :) I love it!

Cyndi said...

She carries bleach???! (Sounds like she's crazier than I am!)

Sheri said...

I freak out the same ay when mine get sick. My son actually said, "I don't want to tell you when I'm sick becuase you keep asking me if I feel okay."